Hot Club

If you are looking for a hot club in Barcelona, ​​208 is your most real possibility to satisfy the expectations of living a moment of the most exciting, provocative and descontracturante, as you imagine and need. Come and meet our girls, who with the most exotic dances will make you enjoy and enjoy making that moment the best of your entire stay in this magical and voracious city. All our structure is based on you and a staff of professionals who know very well how to direct you to where you want to go, know the way and are willing to give you everything you want.

For that, we create a space of luxury and relaxation, enjoyment and sensuality, from the lighting, the ambiance and the distribution, to the conjunction of a staff totally agreed and relaxed inside our facilities, that will make you feel like in your own house , Forgetting the clock and dedicating only to enjoy.

All our rooms are set in a specific way and with a well defined north: transporting those who visit the theme where we are inviting them to live a magical moment in search of realizing their innermost fantasies and connect with today and now , By the hand of the hottest girls in the city and Europe.

Our staff is there to serve you and not to leave aside any desire once you are inside our building, always considering everything that represents a similar place for our most exclusive clients. And so we want it to remain. That is why we have designed with care and perfection every site where the sexual desires of those who visit us develop.

You can come have a good time and end up becoming the best night of your life. Expectations do not count, but once you know the 208 you will want to relive the moment of magic, comfort, eroticism and freedom that you have ever experienced.

Comfort, privacy, commitment, magic, luxury and comfort are our most important pillars, and that is why every choice in creating the 208 has a clear and clear justification. Everything is perfectly arranged so that, once inside, you completely forget the clock, the commitments, the stress and the work. We are very clear that you have come to enjoy and will be. For that, we offer you a wide range of possibilities, both in the staff and where you want to enjoy them, as the themes of the rooms go far beyond the imagination and your expectations.

You will only have to walk through our front door for the first time to avoid doubting everything we can promise you. You will want to relive all the lust of 208 again and again, every time you hit Barcelona, ​​because we know very well what you are looking for and we are very clear how to give it to you. Come enjoy yourself and enjoy everything we have for you.

208 Gentlemen's Club

Viladomat, 208 08029 Barcelona, Spain.

+34 653 993 737

[email protected]