Men's Club

Everything is perfectly arranged so that, once inside, you completely forget the clock, the commitments, the stress and the work. A man club who want to clear their heads from day to day, but above all, satiate their fantasies and hidden desires to make them reality, consuming them inside our facilities, perfectly prepared for them and for our staff of professionals that will make you just want to return.

In 208 we know very well what our clients are looking for and that is why the organization and comfort that we offer them is strategically destined to them, so that they really live the moment that they have come to look for.

You will have to completely forget the clock and you will do it once you discover all that the 208 has to offer you. A cabaret without limits or schedules. Open for you and to unleash your innermost desires.

Feel it. Let our most exotic dancers penetrate into your sensations and make you dance and enjoy as you did not think to do it. Surprise yourself. Nothing is said when you enter 208. Let yourself be carried away by the best girls this city has for you.

Our professional dancers keep and transmit to our clients each of our pillars, to transmit them and get to the depths of them, because that is our goal: to make 208 their second home in Barcelona. If you are one of those who like to be very well accompanied, our girls are the ideal company to live a moment of enjoyment, freedom and fantasies come true. Walk through your desire and show it to them so that they can transport you to an atmosphere full of pleasure within the place of greatest lust and entanglement of the whole city.

Each of our girls seeks to achieve total sensuality with their exotic and professional dances, which has always transformed them into our most precious jewels. They create the atmosphere accompanying our rooms in a harmonious and totally warm. You can not imagine how far you can go with such a high quality staff; Our girls go for everything and that is demonstrated since you entered the 208, you can enjoy their most exotic dances first, while you warm and enjoy looking at them.

Exceed the limits of the now and enjoy what Barcelona has for you inside a private night show and, above all, unique. Go on. We have the sexiest dancers ready for you inside the best Strip Club you've ever seen. You can relax in a luxurious way in the hands of our professional dancers, who are going to deploy inside the hottest room in Europe.

Have fun. The most sensual and exotic shows are waiting for you. Everything is planned so that you do not remember the clock again that night.

208 Gentlemen's Club

Viladomat, 208 08029 Barcelona, Spain.

+34 653 993 737

[email protected]